Bookcase Styling Tips

 Some may view bookcases as just a means of storage, but when done right, a bookcase can aid in your home’s design and style as well. Forget hiring an interior decorator – there’s plenty you can do on your own this these tips.

Color coordinate your books. Display your books by the color of their spines. Keep reds with reds, oranges with oranges, etc. Arrange them in a line. This will help you find what you’re looking for and it’ll turn your bookcase into a work of art on its own.

Display other items besides books. Thin bookcases can be used to display other items, such as framed artwork, pictures, or knick-knacks. Doing so will give you a different feel than simply hanging these frames on the wall, plus it’ll give the room a unique gallery feel.

Transform an older bookcase into something that pops. Use a bright, vibrant color to make your bookcase shine. If you’re going for a modern look and feel, perhaps a radiant purple, blue or green can make your bookcase really stand out in the room. Head to a paint store with a photo of your room in hand and start brainstorming.

These ideas are only a starting point for your bookcase or library transformation. Start small and add in a healthy dose of creativity in order to completely revitalize your room.

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