More Toys, More Exercise

For those with young children, if you feel like your home is slowly transforming into a toy store, there may be an unexpected upside. Studies have shown that having a variety of toys in your child’s play box will inspire them to be more physically active.
US News & World Report recently published a story based on a study from the University of Buffalo that says providing children with more toys may improve kids’ level of physical activity. Researchers reportedly found that having more toys to choose from boosts the intensity of play among children—particularly girls.
Denise Feda, a postdoctoral associate at the University of Buffalo, says that researchers offered three different quantities of toys to 36 children ranging in age from 8 to 12 years old. The participants’ heart rates and activity were monitored for one hour.
According to the story, researchers found that playtime jumped 95 percent among the children who had three or five toys, as opposed to one or two toys. Girls given more toys played with greater intensity than boys with the same number of choices.
Parents looking for effective ways to increase their child’s exercise time should take a look at toy variety. Adding an active toy or two could help, especially for girls. Girls can be motivated to engage in equal physical activity as boys by simply providing them with a greater choice of playthings. Source: Parent Dish