The Bozeman Field School Is Bozeman’s Newest Private HS That Open

A new private high school opened last August in Bozeman. The interesting note high school kids most popular essay topic is to design a school. The private high school had been in the works for over two years prior to opening last August. The school’s focuses on expeditionary learning and a place-based learning said says the co-founder.

It will be the only private school in Gallatin Valley that is not a public or religious school. The new schools official opening day was on August 22nd. They also plan to get the kids outside the classroom because they believe it’s a great way to teach and educate kids. The school opened with ninth and tenth grade available but will add eleventh and twelve over the next years and the starting size for the grades was about thirty kids. In terms of tuition, the cost runs up to $18,000 for the school year. They hope to not have to have any issues with the kids being separated into groups such as jocks or an artsy group they picture the kids not dividing themselves in such a way because it is a private school. The school opened with five teachers which give each teacher around seven students to teach. The teachers chosen are well experienced and some of the best around.

Disclosure: The Gallatin County has done some changes in the Bozeman school districts lately. Due to the rapid community growing, the county also has been building more schools. LOVE “that” school for your kids? I strongly recommend you to check the address/neighborhood you would like to call “HOME SWEET HOME” before buying! Make sure “that” is the ONE!